Walk & Talk / Outdoors Therapy Sessions

"Walk & talk” counselling does exactly what it says on the tin! It involves us walking side by side in our beautiful natural surroundings where the healing power of being in out nature can help you to reflect on your feelings and process your emotions more easily. For some people this way of working feels less intimidating. Walk & talk counselling can also be appealing for those of us who have sat in an office all day at work – being physically active by walking together, taking each step together, is a metaphor for moving forwards.

We might also take the time to sit in nature, mindfully soaking up our surroundings and connecting with the more-than-human world. Or we can sit in silence and notice our internal worlds.

Being outside in nature is beneficial for various issues such as depression, stress and anxiety as well as promoting physical health and wellbeing. It can also be helpful for people who feel trapped in their life or in a role that they feel no longer suits them.

Walking and talking can bring about more of a sense of freedom; the physical activity increases the blood flow to the brain enabling new ideas to tackle our issues.